Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tanah Lot

Another seaside attraction in the form of an ancient temple. Tanah Lot (not Camelot) is very old and very beautiful along the sea. Great views of the temple mixed with people taking surfing lessons. This was the first stop of our two day scooter ride across Bali and what a relief it was to get the hell out of Kuta Beach.

The picture of the Balinese family is our tour guide Wayans and his wife and kids. Since our final destination was close to his family village, he decided to bring his family at our suggestion, and since everyone in the group decided to ride scooters, he didn't have anyone in his car. It seemed to have worked out for everyone.

In Kuta, it is the worst of the city life with people grabbing you to sell you their cheap stuff. At first it's annoying but after several days, you wish you'd have been able to pack a Dirty Harry. The scooter tour into the country seemed like a great escape and it was. Tanah Lot does give a glimpse of how almost all tourist attractions are set up. In order to get to the temple, you have to buy a pass then walk the gauntlet of tiny little stalls selling everything related or not to the attraction. Fortunately, cold beer is always one of those items available, allowing the unwary tourist enough time to survive and spend at the next attraction.

A couple pictures above show women oiling and staining some woodwork that is very common and very beautiful throughout Bali. I recognized the smell of the oil several booths away and wasn't disappointed in what I'd found. It's too bad that what they sell is too big and too heavy to bring back home. In fact, all wood items are banned in Australia so they'd have ended up in the Customs nightly bonfire for sure. Besides, on orders, I need to reserve room in my luggage for Tim Tams and Turkish Delights when I come back to the Fatherland on 23 Dec. See you then!

An added note of sadness, I may have sold my Hoon Wagon today. I'll find out if I'm no longer the proud owner of an Australian icon, the Holden Commodore.