Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Walk Through Sydney

I thought I'd start out with a little humour...a Mullet Alert! Yes, they've invaded down under!

But really, most of the pictures are of the parks and architecture during my walk from King's Cross to Circle Quay where the Opera House is located. Sit back and prepare for a long story.

Really, I needed to take my new ride, "My Hoon Wagon" on a longer drive on the freeway to exercise it and make sure it was road worthy for potential guests. The first victims, I mean, guests to have an opportunity to drive on the wrong side of the road will be Sherry and middle son David next month. In case they're feeling brave, I thought I'd give it a spin. It's an hour and a half each way from Hi Ho Fairy Meadow to King's Cross in Sydney. The car performed admirably however, I didn't. The rest of the story:

King's Cross is the Night Club neighbourhood of Sydney. Naturally when I arrive early in the afternoon, I thought I'd stop in at a common...and I mean very common bar for a beer to wash the dust of the road away. Of course, the roads are paved in Australia so it was just my usual excuse. I found a typical dive (actually, very nice as most are in Australia) and saw a couple enjoying a Bloody Mary. It looked mighty tastey so I ordered one. It was expensive but so good (sorry Barry) that I thought it might be a good idea to order another. As I was nearing the end of #2, I realized it was time to call Holly for her nightly tuck-in, good night phone call. It's really only about 3:00 pm here, but between 10 and 11 the night before for her.

Towards the end of the phone call, I realized I was slurring my words. Now, normally I wouldn't mind but it was only the afternoon and I was a ways from home. I wondered if someone in this shady neighbourhood, someone had slipped a ruffie in my drink and was going to rob and rape me. Maybe I was having a storke or something similar that old codgers might experience! I really was worried! So I hung up, took my empty glass to the drop off at the bar (being a polite drunk and all) and mentioned to the bartender that those Bloody Marys were very good and very strong. Naturally, the bartender looked at me like I was a complete idiot and said, "Well, they ARE doubles! Didn't you notice the price?!" I thought about it and realized I hadn't had anything to eat that day except for a slice of toast about 9 hours before! Whew! I'm not going to get raped!

So, I decided to walk about and the following pictures are the result. Basically most were taken during my walk. I hope you enjoy what I saw including the parks, birds and architecture. Sydney does have some old places that have been incorporated into the typical hell-bent drive to improve and modernize. Some were of when Holly was here and we walked around the Opera House and the park next to it including the birds.

Come on down (under). Write, leave comments. Just say G'day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Post 34?! More Infrastructure Stuff and Junk

Here are some local, hot cars I saw while wandering around the lighthouse. There is an American Muscle Car club and they sure look American except for the steering wheel is often located on the wrong side of the car.

I've also included a picture of a covered float for mooring a powerboat out of the salt water. I thought it was very clever so hopefully, the picture is good enough to figure out how this works.

To all my patient friends who want to know the true Underbelly of OZ, I apologise. This is simply a little more on the differences between how we and the Aussies tackle such mundane items as getting water and power to a flat. I've included some pictures so I don't have to type so much, besides I get complaints if I write too much. Every yard has these goofy water pipes with the water meter in the middle, standing up in the yard. Naturally, they seem to get run over all the time. Some people put bricks around them to attempt to keep them in once piece. The advantage is however that if they're leaking, it's readily apparent.