Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I have a TV!

It's been a grueling 2+ weeks without a TV but I broke down and bought a 26" (yes, even in Oz they translate TV size into inches most of the time)! A flat screed, HD Toshiba supposedly on sale but it has a great picture of course and in spite of Oz being about 5 years behind the US in HDTV, there are 'experimental' HD channels along with some programs who've actually made the jump into the 21st century. As always after spending 100's of $(AU) on a TV, I turn it on and wonder why I wasted money on an idiot box. It's fine, at least I get to watch what is the contemporary excuse for news.

As I may have mentioned earlier, the 'laundrette' (they're also called laundromats) in this country just require a payment at the end of your laundry because they don't waste time with coin-operated machines. On Monday, the second time I used the local laundrette, I finished up and rushed out without paying. I didn't realize it until about 9:00 later that night while folding socks and about died of embarassment. The two sisters that own it are very nice and I'd hate for them to think "those damned Yanks! Can't trust them!" I did drop the money by on the way to work the next day and fortunately the other sister laughed at the quandry with my laundry.

After paying this morning, I walked past one of the usual bushes however, I noticed it had blossoms on it. Plumeria blossoms! I wonder if they'll let me pick some to make a lei for my family when they arrive in 2 weeks and 2 days...not that I'm counting.

I'm getting ready for their arrival by buying beds and associated bedding among other homey, xmasy things. I even bought some doilies to put on the slightly used couch to cover the wear and tear on the arms. I also saw a large frying pan and mattress cover that I'd been looking for (to protect the occupant, not the mattress). Since I'd missed my train, I had time for an innocent beer or 2 at Dicey Riley's, "Wollongong's Irish Pub." I got me pint and begin to settle into my table when I attempted to put the shopping bag into my backpack. Naturally, I tried this before sip or 2 of VB (Victoria Bitter) and dumped it all on the floor. The guy at the next table began to rib me in the friendly Aussie way until the saw the frying pan and mattress cover fall out. What made them turn away was the doilies I'm sure. I guess they think I'm what they call...a 'pucker.' Maybe I shouldn't have said I was waiting for the train to Fairy Meadow.

Now, I don't know the origin of 'pucker,' but the local arboretum is a 'known' hangout for gays. I've been 'warned' but I don't care obviously, living on Gay Island for 2 decades. I just don't care. However, last Sunday when I took a walk through the arboretum, I noticed the name...Puckey Estates! Who came first? Anyway, it dawned on me that there might be a connection.

Please comment. Don't hold back. Also, you can get notification when I add something new if you're really my friend. No pressure there. Gotta go and finish my marinated top sirloin over sauteed rice. Yeah, life's tough here in the land down under. Tomorrow, I'm going to check out the local butcher shop and seafood shop! They're supposed to be the best! No more extra dead meat for me! Write, too my fmaily and friends!

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Merry said...

Hi Craig,
How's the job going? Only 11 more days until the family arrives. I hope you're not planning on working while there visiting. The time is going to go by so fast while in Oz. What a great time for them to visit while it's sunny in the down under.
enjoy and have a wonderful holiday.