Monday, May 4, 2009

Downtown on Crown and the Mall

I'm sure I've shown the main road through downtown Wollongong, Crown Street. Three blocks have been blocked off to traffic to create a mall. It has an interesting, open weave cover over half of it, which creates an intimate atmosphere and during the day, especially at lunch, quite a few people just hang out, eat at some of the several sidewalk cafes and watch the world walk by. I usually walk the mall during lunch just to ease the stress of the day. The last picture made Holly and I laugh everytime we rode the elevator in the Grace Hotel in Sydney. If you're in town, I'd recommend staying there. Not just for the above plaque.

Wollongong and where I live Fairy Meadow, remind me of how the US used to be and most likely still is in smaller towns. I know I've harped about this in previous blog entries, but my little neighbourhood is really like what I imagine a small town was like in the olden days. 3 butchers, a seafood shop, a fresh pasta shop, I go to a real barber although there are plenty of hair salons, and even a post office. It's a great little place just a few kilometres from the CBD of Wollongong.

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