Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Traveling Tips

G'day. This is just a tip that I've found out for all you travelers. I am staying in Perth for about 11 nights and 5 of those nights were in a typical hotel room. Actually to call the IBIS typical is an understatement as the rooms are so small that even the cockroaches have rounded shoulders. They are notoriously small and at $155 per night, on par with other hotels that have normal sized rooms and probably more amenities. I don't really want to disrespect IBIS but want to provide a great idea as an alternate to hotels in general and that is to rent an apartment. Most in Perth prefer a one week minimum or at least you'll get a much better rate for a week. I'm in a 2 bedroom as they didn't have a 1 bedroom available but still, for only $3 more per night, I have a huge and very new apartment! This would be great for 2 couples or a family traveling as it includes clothes washer and dryer and a kitchen with all the utensils. These pictures, while boring, are of the interior of the apartment.

It is about the same distance from the office as the hotels, just on the opposite side of Northbridge which is the restaurant, pub and nightclub district. As before when Walker's was at the north end of Boeing Field and I used to go through the parking lot of the local tavern when I walked to work, I would tell people it takes me 10 minutes to walk to work and 3 hours to walk home.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have a day off to go to the Swan Valley which is wine country! Also, beer and distillery country! Fortunately its only a 25 minute train ride to where you can catch a shuttle that makes the loop of most of these fine businesses. Naturally I'll take some pictures as I'm sure NOT to remember the finer details of the adventure.

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