Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Political Ad for my Aussie Friends


If you're familiar with Aussie slang , then you'll understand why this is funny.  If not, then look it up on Wikipedia, it is fun to read about Aussie speak and how it evolved.

Forewarning!  The second weekend of August is the 'Gathering of Brethren of the Salish Sea' in Everett.
120 boats are registered so far and one of them is the Seafeather.  I'll be on board again with Capt. John and his Admiral Diane.  Alas, my boat, while having a fresh new bottom, is not ready for the adventure.  I'll have pictures of that ordeal, the hauling and painting of the as-of-yet unnamed boat, posted soon.

I'll reduce soon to attend the gathering.  Cover one eye and limit my vocabulary to 3 letters, Aye, Arrrr, and sometimes Yarrr!


Anonymous said...

Now that is hilarious.

Crikey Craig said...

Thanks, Loon. That is high praise coming from the author of the best blog.