Friday, January 23, 2009

Beach Criket?!

In the previous blog entry, I was mistaken. It wasn't hot then, at least compared to today. I think it's pushing 100! The wind is HOT! I sat down on the couch and it felt like it had just came out of the dryer! The poor little fan I bought recently is on high and close to me but not doing any good really.

I walked to the closer store, about 5 blocks and about died! I had thought about stopping at the pub but it' too early and I don't know if could make it home once I got there. I came back, drank several glasses of water and I'm still barely able to type this as my arms are shakey and sweat is stinging my eyes. I have about 5 or 6 various bottles filled with water in the fridge and I'll probably go through all of them. At least there's beer, too.

I thought I'd flop down on the couch (ouch, hot!) and watch TV while the fan is on me. I turned it on and you guessed it (from the title) Beach Cricket! These Aussies are crazy. It is hotter where they're at playing a rousing game as if its nothing! I was somewhat disappointed as I was thinking it might be more like Beach Volleyball and hopefully a girls team was playing but...NO! There are cheerleaders sort of, but what real manly sports fan wants to see that when a Criket match is on?! Anyway, its just more Aussie culture I'm learning about and isn't that one of the main reasons I'm here?

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