Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Father's Day Downunder

This past Sunday was Father's Day downunder. On my way to the office, I drove past the beach and it was packed with families celebrating their Father's. No room to park and 1,000's of people getting the first pink tinge of the season all over the white bodies. I worked for a bit then off the the local pub, the 'other' one named the Cabbage Tree as it sits along a ditch named Cabbage Tree Creek. Sunday afternoons typically have a sausage (called snags which can also mean something else...on a man) and risoles, which are like meatballs however once on the grille, they smash them into a patty. I think they just like their hamburgers to start out as balls first. Anyway, it's a free feed and with pints at $2.50, it's a cheap afternoon. The crowd that day consisted of Fathers and Sons as well, all enjoying several pints together in a true, Aussie bonding experience. There were tears, fights and wives trying to stop it all and haul their men off home before things got ugly. It really never did get too out of hand, in spite of a few fellow drinkers attempting to walk and not quite getting there. There is a very good cab service here and you see them pull up regularly to take people safely home. It's a good system.

I tried to get my family to help me celebrate Australian Father's Day, but they informed that ship had already sailed in June and there wasn't going to be any double-dipping. I guess I've taught them TOO well!

This was just a short one. Write, comment or better yet...visit! Next on the horizon is (formerly) cousin Amy who'll be here towards the end of November for a couple weeks. You too, can take over the guest bedroom, the car with the steering wheel on the wrong side and a cell phone that works in Oz. More later.

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