Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update - Oz

G'day my friends! I know that it has been quite a while since I posted but I have an excuse...I've been traveling. I snuck back into the Good Ol' US of A for a couple of weeks to drive Miss Holly home from the UW in Laramie. It's the second time we've done this and it is a beautiful drive, no matter which route you take. We went through the middle of the state to Cody, then up to I-90. Prior to that, I spend a couple nights in LA with Rick and his lovely new bride Doris. That was followed by 3 nights in the other AZ with my Bro and a night with my folks. I haven't seen them for quite a while and needed to check out my Bro's new home in Maricopa. Daily temperature was 114! At least it cooled off 10 degrees at night.

When I finally arrived back at the Island with Holly, I only had 3 nights. The Wednesday in the middle of it all, I had an Aussie-style BBQ. Basically the same as an American however there's more beer, more meat to burn and it starts when the first guest arrives and ends when the last one leaves. Naturally, I was on my good behaviour, drinking light beer for the most part and not very many of them. I'm putting a gold star on my calender...I'm so proud!

On that Friday, Holly and I jetted to Oz where she could spend another 2+ weeks with me while I toiled away. The first week back was just plain hell and I really wondered if I'd just get on that plane with Holly on Sept 1st. I didn't as the following week went fine and now I'm in the throes of the dreaded quarterly surveys. I managed to mess up plenty already. So much so that I think my coworkers believe the "M" in Craig M. Berry stands for Murphy! I'm wondering myself.

Holly did leave yesterday and I called her towards her bedtime. Her goal was to stay up until 10 that first night to begin the adjustment back to AMERICAN time! She'll begin work and school has already started. It'll be another 4 months until I can sneak back home for a couple weeks around Christmas. I hope to see my friends and family during the holidays. Of course, if you really don't want to wait that long to see me...I do have a spare room in my flat with 2 single beds. So far, (formerly) Cousin Amy is due to arrive around the end of November and possibly Shelley (formerly) from the vanpool may show up at the end of February as well. I can only hope as it does get lonely downunder.

Cheers my friends! Comment and write. I'll post something more interesting later...I hope.

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