Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun at the Winter Beach - Sherry & David Part Deux

My great neighbour Mark agreed to take David out for a surfing lesson (his first) and they had a great time. They must've been out for nearly two hours in the cold surf. Fortunately Mark had an extra wet suit that fit David perfectly. When they finally came out, David's grinning mouth was dripping blood from the board coming up and hitting him the face, but that couldn't keep him from smiling the rest of the day. Of course, afterward we all went to our first Rugby League game where the local Dragons beat the Manly Eels.

These pictures of are of proud mother hen Sherry watching over and taking pictures of David plus some crazy young girls romping in the surf in their bikinis while those of us on the shore were bundled up. The picture of Mark and David out in the surf has about a dozen or more sailboats that came out from the local harbour while we were there, gathered up and begun racing. One day, I'll be out there with them!

Read, comment and maybe see you the second week of August! I can hardly wait to get back home for a couple weeks after 9 month in the Illawara. It's great down here, but its also good to visit home once in a while. The Illawara was described as the undiscovered jewel and I can't agree more. This is a wonderful place. And like Sherry and David you, too could have a great time here.

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