Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trip to Cronulla

I thought I'd start off with a spider I noticed while waiting for the Ferry from Bundeena to Cronulla. Mark and Kath invited me (again) to go with them on a day trip with another couple. We drove through the national park south of Sydney to one of the few small towns located on the edge of the park. There in Bundeena we caught the ferry to cross a good sized bay to Cronulla. Cronulla used to be a sleepy little place with pretty much nothing except a fish shack and great surf. When Mark's family moved in from the country, it was near there and I believe where he did most of his surfing when he was a teen. Now of course, it's built up with fancy hotels, lots of small shops with more so-called improvements on the way.

Naturally we (men) waited outside several of the shops while the other half browsed and shopped. It really wasn't bad, as we did stop for coffee then later to eat and have a few drinks at the local RSL (Returning Soldiers Legion) club. I laughed at them as every once in a while it would drizzle and they'd scamper to side of a building or under an awning as the rain was something horrible. At least, I think it wasn't acid rain.

It was a very nice day and riding the 70 year old passenger ferry was fun. On the way back I talked to a guy who is a producer for one of the TV networks. I should've asked him if my son could contact him about possible work as it would be in his line of studies and we have to get him started paying back some of that college expense.

As I've mentioned before, I am so lucky to have such a great neighbor Mark and his friend Kath to invite me out of my flat to do things and explore around the area.

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