Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bikes, Muscle Cars, Tattoos and the 4th Reich

Today (Saturday) I went to the 16th Annual 'Fair' that is a benefit for the Australian Air Patrol, similar to our Civil Air Patrol. This is hosted by the Fourth Reich Motorcycle Club (FRMC), a full fledged 'bikie' gang. To me, having a somewhat sheltered life rally, this was surprising. Plus, done in true Aussie fashion, it really was a family day with free admission for kids for free rides, petting zoo and lots of fair type food like Fairy Floss (cotton candy), corn dogs, corn cobs on a stick, etc. It is funny how a person gets off balance seeing very familiar things intermixed with strange things, like something is out of place or just not quite right. Maybe this was a staged affair like an episode from the Twilight Zone.

The adult entertainment included the tattoo competition, a burnout competition, best custom bike (an acquaintance from the Charles won!) along with the assorted 'dancers' on the stage where 2 very well known local bands played. Kids (and cops) were herded out at 5:00 so the strictly adult portion of the program could begin. This was all at the FRMC facilities that are actually very nice. There is a grassy courtyard with a meeting/workout room on one end, a very nice bar on the other and in between, new and clean (rare in Oz) bathrooms. The property is a nice large paddock (field or pasture) with lots of room for fun on bikes and cars.

I took heaps (Aussie for lots) of pictures and the burnout pictures were taken by a little girl who sat on my shoulders so she could see the fun. While she didn't look like a bikie chick in training, there were a few kids who did, all excited about buying a black leather vest or headband adorned with skulls and swastikas. Scary.


Johannes said...

People seem to really enjoyed it.


Good thing you find time to share that :)

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sinnocent said...

How can i join F.R.M.C? sign me up.

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