Monday, October 12, 2009


Just a few miscellaneous shots from around town, except for one of our employee guides in the Outback. I just happened to come across his picture in one of our corporate hats and thought it was perfect!

The second picture is a place I pass by on my way to work and it is such a nice little spot over the garage in this obviously college student apartment. A hammock, a flag and plenty of room to party at night and recover during the day. I did send this to Harvey once, but this shot is a little better with the morning sun hitting it just right. While taking this picture, I also thought the view down the sidewalk looked very nice in the morning sun as well. It's so inviting and does lead to the beach. The other two shots are of some condos/units very close to the water as well. Newer and for older, more mature people but I thought were creatively crammed into the small lot space they had to work with.

Yep, it's easy living here in the 'Gong. This is such a nice place and really, the whole Illawarra while put down as the just a mill town, is really more like Santa Barbara. A nice spring day today is around 75F and just right for my lunch time walk about the mall. I still see parkas but less so as the natives begin to warm up after the horrible winter of daytime highs only in the mid to high 50's. I know, they laugh at me when I'm dying from the heat and humidity when it's not even 80F yet.

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craiginjapan said...

I know what you mean about the natives laughing at you about you're reaction to heat. I sweat like a pig, and most Japanese don't seem to sweat at all.