Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ever Consider Working in Oz?

I came to Australia for fun and adventure. So far, it's been a lot of work and not as much travel as I would've liked in the past 14 months, however it has been fun and very, very interesting.

Australia really is a lot like I think the US used to be like. I know that really most areas in the US are full of good, honest people who would help someone out if they needed it and are generally kind and giving. I think that quite a bit of that is hidden or put on the back burner as people are tapped out under some of the worst working conditions in the civilized world such as paying more and more for health care and not having any time off to enjoy family and life in general. There was a survey a few years ago that listed the US as having the second to the least amount of time off of any 'industrialized' nation in the world. Mexico was the only country that had less. I personally think the only reason Mexico was added was so the US wouldn't be last. I really don't think Mexico qualifies as an industrialized country.

Anyway, my first year here I get 4 weeks of annual leave. I get paid well and considering the current exchange rate, very well. One reason the Aussie dollar is doing so well is the job situation is great at only 5.5% unemployment, HALF that of the US. See the article, link below:

Also, they've been saying for months now that there will be a skilled worker shortage and that the government should put in place NOW, express work visa approval. I'm only suggesting that you might consider looking into working down under, even for a couple years. A 457 work visa is good for 4 years and it is a fun adventure in a country that sort of speaks English. It's worked for me.

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