Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Official - The End of an Era

Well as I expected, my 2 year contract will not be renewed. My last day will be 15 October and as I posted earlier, will have some time before my return to the Fatherland on 23 December. I'm still kind of numb finding out about this less than an hour ago but really thought this would happen.

AAM is a great company with incredible, knowledgeable and talented people and it really has been an eye-opener working for such an innovated group. I would've like to work another 2 years with them but know that they must make decisions about trimming the fat and I think I am really just one of six who didn't make the cut (which is an odd way to express it) within the past couple of weeks.

See you on the winter-side in a couple of months.


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