Monday, November 1, 2010

A Good Day Fishing and other updates


The picture is of Bi Jo's very good friend Groucho, who had a great day fishing catching the 7 Tailors pictured above. You think I caught them?! Blah ha ha ha ha haaa! Are you kidding? My bumper sticker says "Fish Laugh at Me." But at least we all had a good feed and attempted to use a very quick smoker that Jo had discovered in her shed while cleaning it up (for me).

I'm about to move out of my flat of 2 years and base myself out of her shed. My first trip might be up to Queensland to take Groucho and a ton of stuff he's had scattered about the Ilawarra (in an Alan Nagasawa fashion) when he lived here about 5 years ago. Anyway, he lives up in the rain forest above the Gold Coast which is about a 10 hour drive north. I won't go if the weather continues as it has been. Queensland is in it's rainy season, and man does it rain!

Regardless, I'll be flying out of Sydney to Bali on Nov 12th and returning on the 21st providing I'm able to get a tourist visa. Just to let you know what $18 per night will get you in Bali, I've made reservations here I still plan on taking a couple of road trips, preferably through some of the different wine countries available. Naturally if I had to pick only one, everyone has a different opinion on which is best (like I'll remember afterwards anyway). My former boss Mark, suggested I go to Melbourne as there are different wine areas in all four directions, each with their own distinct characteristics. Hmmm...should I go for volume? I'll certainly let you know.

Naturally not being employed has left me broke with only my car left to sell and hopefully, I'll be able to take advantage of having the car to travel a bit prior to my departure from Oz. At least I'll get some taxes back from last year (the end of the tax year is July 30 in Oz). I filed last Friday and it usually takes only TWO WEEKS to get your refund! What's it take back home? A few months?!!! Anyway, that'll come in handy in Bali and hopefully I'll be able to stretch it out for my remaining time here. I'll keep you posted on my mis-adventures.

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