Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jo's Shed - My Temporary Home

G'day Again. I thought I'd post some pictures of where I'm staying off and on for the remainder of my time in Oz. As I mentioned, Jo is allowing me to stay in her shed in exchange for doing chores (some death-defying) around her place.

The first picture is the door from the patio into the 2-garage door shed. As you can see, my old lounge (sofa) and one of the single beds are just past the 2nd refrigerator Jo uses for her work (and I use for a few convenient coldies). The old lounge with some of Jamie's empty energy drink cans. Notice the dog has worked on one of the arms already.

The final picture shows the bed nestled in between my old table and freezer, complete with small TV and bale of straw for the chook pen. Yep, nothing says home like a bale of straw.

This is temporary and soon I'll be in Bali and then back in Oz and on the road. At least, that's my plan providing money holds out. I was tempted to see if I could work under the table for a painter for $150/day, but I'm sure I'm not qualified. We'll see how things pan out in the next 6 weeks of forced (thanks to the IRS) unemployment and travel. More updates soon!

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