Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

This may sound corny, going to the Zoo while in Bali, but actually it was a lot of fun. The same tour guide from the previous day said he was taking a few people to the Wildlife Safari and had room for one more. I thought why not and joined the group.

Not only do they have opportunities to feed camels, elephants, etc. but you can ride an elephant, too! I did that but no picture available. There is also a tram that goes through different habitats such as Asia and Africa, water part (forgot my swimsuit, dammit!) and a few other rides for the kids. I wished I'd remembered my swimsuit (or cozzie short for swimming costume in Australian) but at least Bin Tang was served cold and often. I did survive.

I'd recommend going on this even thought it's expensive. It will last you all day. Before the zoo, the driver took us to a Balinese Dance performance. Again, we got a soap opera like explanation of what was going on and it was interesting. I took some pictures and videos that I'll see if I can download to this blog next. The sounds and action are very interesting and certainly different.

More adventures later.

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