Monday, November 29, 2010

My Balinese Dream Boat

No not a woman (well, maybe the 'other' woman) but a real Balinese boat. You can see my 'project' boat in the last couple of pictures!

The first couple of pictures are of one of these Balinese boats in action on the Java Sea on the north side of the Island and where we all spent the night after the grueling scooter trip (then we had to return!). It is one used to support tourist dives and from the looks of it, the compressor and the boat itself should've been scrapped decades ago, but then again...this isn't America. Would you trust your breathing to that hunk of rust?

Hey Richard, just a little project to keep you occupied. Come on over to Lovina, Bali and get your paint scraper and primer handy.

The next few pictures are of what the finished boat should look like when I'm done. Yep, beautiful isn't she? Floating peacefully on a mountain lake in the middle of Bali. If you look closely, you can see the white roofs of a large temple, which is about as close as I was able to get to it. This was one of the few stops during our scooter sojourn across Bali that I'll write about later.

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