Friday, May 27, 2011

Update USA

G'Day my many friends.

I just thought an update might be in order since my last posting included lots of snow and there could be a fear of my being stuck in snow covered wilds of Sunriver. Not the case however I had been lost in among the unemployed hoards once I arrived back home. Not anymore, a couple months ago I went to work back at my old place of employment.

With my first paystub, I was able to refinance a 10 year at 3/5%, pulling enough money out to cover my 6 months of being unemployed so I'm back to square one money-wise. Thanks to my son Nick, I have transportation. His generosity in allowing me to borrow his car for a while only proves that we've raised him right. It's taken about $1,000 in repairs and maintenance to bring it back up to par so I can give it back to him this fall in perfect working order. Crafty little bugger, isn't he? I believe he'll still let us make the payments and cover insurance, too. At least he's working towards getting into teaching so our payments will most likely continue.

I'm looking forward to getting my boat out of the water, doing much needed bottom painting, maintenance and getting her ship shape for the Latitudes & Attitudes PNW Cruiser's Party. Here's a link to some of last year's fun: if you're interested. Also as an added addition, I may have a couple of Aussies join in the fun as well. Jo and her friend Cassie may fly up for the sail up to Friday Harbor! That'll be great to see them again. I do miss the old Fairy Meadow gang. I know it'll be Jo's first trip to the US but I'm not sure about Cassie. Hopefully, I'll be able to show them a good time while on this side of the pond.

I've been growing out my hair and added a goatee in preparation of appearing more pirate-like once underway and at the party. I'm sure most people look at me and wonder if my Harley is near by.

More updates to follow.


JG said...

Damn! I should have left the Jeep in Seattle, you could have continued the legacy!

JG said...

We definitely need some pics of the Pirate do