Monday, November 17, 2008

'ere ya from, Mate?

‘ere ya from, Mate?

I stopped by a store near my new flat on my second night. Ok, a bottle shop for a couple bottles of wine. I guess they knew I wasn’t from around there when they asked what kind of wine I’d like and I responded “Both kinds.” As Mad Ted would’ve said, ‘they looked at me as if I’d had horns, poppin’ outta me head!’ So I got the question upon check out. No, not “Do you have ID?” I miss that one now, no he asked me where I was from. I told him, “Wollongong. I just move up here last night.” Again, another look that wasn’t quite daggers, rubber bullets, maybe.

Then I told him I’m from Seattle and he got very excited. In a year and a half, he’s planning on flying into Vancouver, B.C. and taking a road trip along the West Coast down to LA. I may give him some pointers like, “Stop in San Francisco to pick up some beautiful women. Yeah, they’re really women, trust me.” Just kidding. I did think maybe I should have him get in touch with Mad Ted and suggest he sail my boat down here for me. As I was leaving I said, ‘Jeez! I’ve been here for a month and I still have an accent?!” More rubber bullets!

Also we have a WINNER! Tamara asked if the spare bedroom was available the week of February 14th! She's the first one to ask to come down under! C'mon you guys, I'm going to have 2 single beds that can be pushed together with a full sized pad and bedding for those couples who are romantic or just not fighting at the present. My family will show up during Christmas vacation and they're the real winners, it's just that it's expected of them. How come when the call me a winner, they roll their eyes?

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