Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's a Colourful World

Today while I took a walk during lunch in the 25 degree weather (that's 76 to you) along with the cooling breezes reminiscent of the Hawaiian trades, I realized that the populace is so diverse, it's like going to an Obama campaign meeting. I mean, all the different people, Greek, Italians, Serbians and a lot of Middle Easterners not only walk and talk but own businesses here. You can always find a Middle Eastern deli or a Greek or Italian Restaurant usually run by people who are 1st or 2nd generation. Even Mama's Italian Kitchen is run by Lubena who actually is a Serb. Hey, I didn't say it was perfect. To see how some dress in their traditional clothes and speak in their native tongues, I listen to the interesting languages...sometimes realizing I'm actually listening to Australian, but is so thick, my alleged mind can't process it right a way.

This is one reason I'm trying to write as much as I can while I'm still American. I talked with a young couple who were looking at the same apartment I was Saturday. After 10 minutes of "oh, you're 6 month old is so cute!" and "What?! I didn't realize your second bundle of joy is on it's way!" and..."Haven't you figured out what causes that?!!!" The blissful couple didn't realize I wasn't from Australia until I had to tell them. I know they weren't playing with a full deck, but I'm wondering if I'm going Aussie already. When Carly was down here, her school mates would ask her to say things and laugh and laugh, but that quickly faded as they either got bored with it or she started talking funny. I'm afraid things down here are starting to appear....normal! When I was in Japan, I actually started dreaming in Japanese. Man! Was I fluent in my dreams (and after drinking). Now, when I read stuff, I start putting in the extra vowels and effort that the locals seem to put in their speech. I really do like it here and the people are very nice, I just have to make fun sometimes as really, in a lot of ways, they're much more advanced than us, I mean, US.

One thing about Australians is they dress up very nicely. I feel like a raggamuffin compared to most of them. And the women! I was expecting to see Benny Hill in drag for the most part, but in reality, the women here are always dressed very stylishly, and are very thin. Another thing about Aussie women, ok...2 things, are their boobs. I mean, MOST of the girls/women have huge boobs! Not only that, they love to show as much cleavage as leagally possible. I think all the bras from the 1950's (the 60's was the lift and separate era) where boobs were pushed up and together as much as possible, have all come to rest down under. Women from the holier PC than Thou PNW could emulate this by shoving a 2X4 (sorry, I don't know the metric equivelent) along the bottom of their bras to 'go Aussie.' I'm not complaining (except when the sun isn't out) but you don't know how many times I've almost smacked into a pole while walking.

Unlike what I've read prior to coming here and listening on TV commercials every break time complaining that 1/2 of Aussies are overweight, I thought I'd fit in. Where ARE these fat people so that I may roam among them, free of being stared at KNOWING that they know I'm an American?! Of course, I'm in a beach area and not on a farm or station in the Outback where they probably keep people like me. Maybe if I don't lose weight, I will be shipped to an office in the middle of nowhere.

I still don't have an apartment and I'm really stressed. As soon as I get one, I'll let my loved ones know. And I hope the address isn't "In Care of Worranongadonga Fat Farm." It might be 6 Market Place which is really nice. NOT like in Seattle where I'd be sharing my scrap of blanket with a (another) wino.

Cheers! I mean, good bye (see! the transformation has already started!)


YourHoney said...

Hi Honey,
This is my second attemptto comment... Your blog looks great and is quite entertaining. Love the pictures, I want to dive right in! Have you actually tried the water yet? I guess I'll have to wait a few more weeks. First I think I will have to visit Victoria's Secret for some extra boost, or pick up a plank at Island Lumber, before I come down!
Good luck on the apt. search. I'll talk to you soon.
Much Love, H

VashonJenn said...

Craig, you are not kidding...I remember calling Melbourne "BoobTown"...I definitely felt the need for some more superstructure to, um, well, get 'em 'up there'.

Holly, I'd stick with Victoria's Secret...the boys at Island Lumber have a hard enough time helping you find the right duct tape (hey, there's an idea!)



VashonJenn said...

oh, and P.S.
a day at the Oz FatFarm looks better to me anyday than a day here on The Rock with the clouds hanging out around my forehead...I'm just sayin'. Sign me up.