Friday, November 7, 2008


Hi All,

At the suggestion of a great (former) coworker of mine, James Greer (who now occupies my old office before the overstuffed chair is even cold! lol) and my son who suggested I keep a diary of my adventure, I've decided to start this blog. I hope that I'm still young enough in mind to make it not too boring as I've noticed that a lot of blogs can be just that. As I told James, blogs are the stuff of younger people. But both James and my son are right, I hope that at least this serves as getting more information to those I email regularly my misadventures and is a good way to express how much I appreciate their interest in my so-called life.

This is a test and I will notify you about this blog and if for some reason I miss someone, please let them know. Also, you certainly can continue to email me to keep your questions out of this blog and everyone else's business. After all, I would like to try to keep this somewhat interesting.

Anyway, I do appreciate all my friends and loved ones. Thank you for checking me out.

Crickey Craig aka Skipper (and his little Buddy)


craiginjapan said...

Hey Craig-

Hopefully you'll do a better job with your blog than I've done with mine! I'll try to check it out when I can.

VashonJenn said...

Blog on, Craig, blog on!



Elissachamp said...

Hi Craig:

Great pictures....what a lovely place!! I would walk on the beach every day!!

Thanks for keeping a journal and sharing. I will give the kids your site address too.

Keep in touch!!