Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy with THEE Lady

G'day All. Yeah, Holly came down under for her Spring Break from work. She still had school and I still had work but since it was Easter weekend we get Good Friday and the following Monday off work so most of time Holly was here, I was available. But even working wasn't so bad. She'd ride the free bus into town with me and we'd leave early to have breakfast together. One place at the bottom of some high end condos along the water gave us a great view of the ocean and harbour while eating outside! It's a tough life all right, here in the Gong.

Among the ususal activites, I rented a car for a couple days and we went up to Kangaroo Valley which is a very lush, undeveloped area that is so beautiful. But no kangaroos, which is good as they're like deer and tend to jump into windshields at alarming rates. We also went to Symbio Park which is a petting zoo. It's a great place to pet some of the indigneous critters and it has the feel of a family operated park. You can bring a picnic as there are several places to enjoy it. They even have swimming pools for the kids on those incredibly hot, summer days. A great benefit AND there aren't any extra charges for anything other than buying some Roo food.

I've bought some tickets to return State side. I'll be back in the good Ol' U.S. of A. from Sunday August 9 through the 26th and again returning December 18th for the 'other' AZ family Christmas. At least that is the plan at this stage, providing that I'm still employed. The reason I'm mentioning all this travel is that my tickets through Qantas cost $350 each way! Some flights were barely over $300! This is Sydney to LAX. Holly will fly back with me in August and spend a couple more weeks together and her round trip ticket from Seattle was a little over $800! The airlines are hurting and the airfare keeps tumbling. If you think this is a thinly veiled attempt to get some're damned right! What is really shocking is a little more than half the airfare is TAXES!

I've added some pictures from my latest adventures during Holly's much appreciated visit. Yes, you too, could be in these pictures and plastered all over the web.

E-mail, comment, or just say G'day. I do appreciate your emails, letters, packages full of good coffee and bad pictures, just kidding. Keep in touch.

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