Saturday, April 18, 2009

Office Space

Harvey requested some pictures of my office life. He said he knew this request was boring so I'm happy to oblige. These pictures certainly don't do the office justice as the building is less than a year old, very high tech and very green, which is a big deal down under.

The toilets are flushed by sensor. the sinks work by sensor with no faucets, just a single, perfect temp of water, HVAC is programmed and seems better than most other office buildings I've worked in. Most floors are secure so you need to have a RFID badge to access them and to check into the floor you're on. They have fire drills regularly and in spite this being a smaller building, even at 5 storeys, there are 2 stairwells for the office space and one dedicated to the 3 parking levels below. In the parking area are lockers and showers for the surveyors and engineers who work on site, typically at the steel mill which is incredibly filthy with slag and coal dust. The building seems to have been designed very well for the intended use.

In the picture of the break room with the fancy espresso maching, you'll notice a basket of fruit on this island. This is paid for by the company to encourage healty eating. There is even a service available for this weekly service throughout Australia:

Soon, I'll include more everyday pictures from around town, as requested.

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