Friday, April 3, 2009

Sunday Stroll at Minnemura Falls NSW

Mark who lives in the unit next to me, and his wonderful girlfriend Kath, invited me to join them on a stroll through the rain forest up to Minnemura Falls. As you can see, most of it is a boardwalk with parts of trail bricked. At one point, it was so steep that Mark noticed his back was almost parallel with the ground. It took almost 2 hours up and back where we enjoyed a light mid-afternoon snack they refer to as having tea. Naturally, several beers were required to quench our thirst after such a rigorous stroll through the steaming jungle. The middle picture is of a lyre bird, clawing among the dead leaves for crawly things to eat. We saw several of them and they seemed unconcerned about us humans.

Neighbour Mark is a great guy. The same age as me, he's a High School teacher specializing in Marine Biology and Chemistry. His girlfriend Kath is very nice and damned good looking to boot. We all have a date for tea when Holly arrives next week. They're great and wonderful people. I'm so lucky to have such a great neighbour!

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James said...

Glad Holly's out visiting again. The rain forest looks incredible, not quite the Hoh!