Friday, February 26, 2010

Dirty Laundry

There’ve been some articles recently about personal cleaning habits from around the world. Either the news has been slow or there’s something going on from where we need to have our attention diverted. (no, I’m not paranoid, they really ARE out to get me!)

Here’s a recent headline on MSN “7 US Cities with the worst body odor.” In all honesty, who cares (unless you’re planning a trip, then…). I had even noticed a couple weeks ago that during my daily lunchtime walks, there seemed to be an increase in noticing others. I just attributed it to a recent spate of very warm and humid weather, nothing to write about (until now).

But what really got me to make this entry was a woman who commented yesterday on what nice sheets I have. She’s one of the two horny sisters and it did give me a laugh. Ok, maybe I’d better explain as that didn’t sound quite right.

Two lovely women (sisters Loraine and Diane) had just bought the Laundromat near my flat when I first moved in. They are both single, living off of retirement, taking care of their aged mother and were really not making enough to survive well so they invested in the corner Laundromat. I call them the two horny sisters more as a joke on the local guys who come in with only a couple of items calling it a load (it’s a load all right) and chat up these women while their laundry is washed. There’s a table to sit at while you wait, coffee, books, magazines, etc. so it really is kind of a little social centre for all these guys sniffing around.

Diane’s comment about my sheets was really how nice it was that I bring them in so often, certainly much more than what she’d read recently. Apparently some guys think once a year is just fine (then what? Burn them and buy more, preferably used sheets?) I first became aware of this when reading what I consider the best blog I’ve found, Friggin’ Loon. Her comments are located and the referenced articles are enough to make you want to wash up. Friggin’ Loon mentions that you should wash your sheets once a week and I felt badly about that. I mean, unless it’s hot and humid during the nights, there really isn’t much point in going that crazy…I think! Don’t worry, I do wash the sheets on the guest beds after every visit so WHEN you come down under, you can crawl into a nice comfy bed with fresh sheets. Just don’t expect a mint on the pillow (unless you ask).

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