Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The End of an Era

The End of an Era

Thanks to the introduction by neighbour Mark, I’ve had the pleasure of spending every possible Thursday and Friday nights at the Charles, enjoying being served (drinks) by lovely young women. Lingerie Night was one of the highlights of the week for me and the regulars at the Charles, but alas they say all good things must come to an end and in this case, that old chestnut proved true.

The guy who owned the Charles as well as several other assorted (not sorted necessarily) businesses seemed to owe much more than he was worth so went into receivership. The Charles was sold to a group who owns a couple other local Pubs (and probably much more) North Wollongong Pub and the recently renovated Cooney’s Pub now known as the Grand Hotel. By the way, here in NSW most pubs are called Hotels, even the Charles Hotel, as they do provide rooms for those patrons who just can’t make it home. In reality, at least in the case of the Charles, all their rooms are rented out on a permanent basis since they don’t want to bother with the actual running of a hotel and the high cost of maintaining the rooms to a hotel standard. The rent is very cheap with most places probably costing $40 – $50 per night at other hotels, so it is often a good way to go if you don’t plan things out to the second when you travel.

But enough digression, the new owners took over last Friday and that was the end of the titty girls as they are affectionately called, even by the female bar staff at the Charles. I was reprimanded by referring to their breasts as boobs since a boob is an idiot and apparently I made pretty good representation of that. The ‘girls’ work a 4 hour shift, the first half with a complete set of lingerie and the second half with only half of the lingerie. They’re contracted through and the rumour is the Pub pays $400 per shift per girl who gets about half of that fee plus tips so she probably doubles her money. Not bad except most of them commute from Sydney, an hour and a half away.

The girls are actually usually very nice, working to make money for school and quite a few enjoying the attention. We (at the table I usually sit at with the regulars) are very respectful to them as are most people and the girls really seem to have regarded the Charles as one of the better places to work, I think.

One girl had never done this before and it was her first night. She was terribly frightened by the attention and very self conscious. I reassured her that she certainly was safe among all of us toothless old dogs, that we really did respect her and that we pretty much regarded all the girls as lovely and an enjoyable thing to view who happened to serve us coldies. Much as you’d enjoy watching a beautiful sunset or enjoy a mountain view, she added to our enjoyment and it was appreciated. I think it helped her as she became much more relaxed throughout the evening and in talking with others, found out that what I said was pretty much true, that she was appreciated and respected.

The pictures above are some of the ones that I can show you although I do have others which are just fine really. About half the girls will allow pictures being taken with them and most don’t want to ‘show anything’ which I tell them it just fine. It was a lot of fun but now it’s over. I guess I’ll just have to work out my frustrations at the Fitness Centre I’ve been threatening to join for a few months. I could go to another Pub down the rail line where these girls also work, but it just wouldn’t be the same without the old gang of Allen, Bi Jo, Steve (Niko) with Banker pictured, and the rest. It really is the end of a fun era and provided me a glimpse into the Aussie way of living.


Mr Lace said...

Jeez Craig, sorry to hear your bar closed. I thought financial hardships hadn't hit the land of Oz. It's good to hear that the girls still have other avenues of employment. It's even better to hear that your at least considering getting your butt in the gym. If you were to actually persue physical fitness, I'm certain that the results would be fantastic. Just remember, for every 35-pounds you lose, you gain 1-inch in penis length. Now don't go thinking about getting back down to your original weight of 8-lbs 6-ozs, it doesn't work that way.

Crikey Craig said...

Thanks for your condolences. Actually, new owners decided they wanted to turn the Charles into a 'Family' Pub, afterall, the family that drinks together gets into much better fights. I was thinking about taking a 'before' picture after I finally drag my fat ass to the gym, but I couldn't find a speedo big enough. Aren't you lucky! Regarding penis length and weight loss, how many pounds, or kilos, will I have to lose before it's not considered an 'innie' anymore?